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Next generation damascus steel

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Paul Favell
Global business development manager

Damascus steel on a large scale

Alleima is the first and only steel producer in the world to produce Damascus steel on an industrial scale. The trademarked steel, Damax™, is a premium steel perfectly suited for knife applications both for the kitchen and the outdoors.

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Damascus steel is an exceptional steel created through a complex and, for centuries, little-known manufacturing process. Since it was first forged in 300 B.C., it has been prized by sword and knife makers. Different cultures have different names for it – the Indian name is wootz, while the Arabic name is fuladh – but the technique is the same: the steel is folded over repeatedly and welded together to create the characteristic watered pattern.


Now the steel is entering a new era with the production of Damax™. Damax™ is manufactured by Alleima in collaboration with the family company Balbachdamast GmbH & Co., renowned for its forging capabilities and welding techniques. The partnership between the two companies enables the first large-scale manufacturing of Damascus steel.

DamaxTM by Alleima is the next generation of Damascus knife steel. It features the same quality as handcrafted steel and is produced with an innovative industrialized technique, with up to 135 layers of martensitic stainless steel.

Our latest addition to our knife steel product portfolio is Damax™ – the next generation Damascus steel.

Damax™ Damascus steel is a multilayered steel, built up by two different steel grades that will give a different appearance after chemical etching. The steel grades in Damax™ are Alleima® 7C27Mo2 and Alleima® 19C27.

Damax™ is a stainless Damascus steel. After heat treatment, the grade is characterized by:

  • Layered structure with aesthetic design possibilities
  • Very high hardness
  • Good corrosion resistance
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The Damax™ material is produced on an industrial scale to medium and large manufacturers. For smaller pieces, for such as blacksmiths or hobby makers, we refer you to our partner Balbachdamast.

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