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Tubes for GDI and CNG fuel systems

Tube, pipe, fittings and flanges

Seamless stainless steel tubing developed for gasoline direct injection (GDI) and compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems.

Tubes for GDI and CNG fuel systems

Strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant, Pressurfect tubes are ideal to handle the high-pressure fuel system requirements of today’s and next-generation internal combustion engines. Due to their ability to handle pressure, Pressurfect tubes enable a leaner and cleaner burn in the combustion chamber.

Support for the automotive industry

Our range of Pressurfect tubing supports the automotive industry with high quality tubing enabling higher and safer injection pressure in both GDI and CNG fuel management systems. With greater fuel injection pressure, GDI and CNG engines can maintain high performance with lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

  • With its favorable mechanical strength and machinability, Pressurfect is our standard seamless tube for high-pressure GDI fuel rails and fuel lines.
  • For more advanced requirements in which lower weight and superior corrosion resistance is demanded, we offer Pressurfect XP, our duplex stainless steel tube for lightweight fuel rails and fuel lines.
  • Pressurfect CNG is our premium, dual-standard (ASTM 316/316L) seamless tube that is strong and easy to bend and fabricate. For leak-free compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel lines.

Pressurfect and Pressurfect CNG offer superior machinability and bendability, resulting in greater design freedom without sacrificing structural integrity or corrosion resistance. Pressurfect XP offers considerable weight saving opportunities combined with the corrosive resistance properties of high quality duplex stainless steel.

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Grade UNS EN number
Pressurfect S30403 1.4306
Pressurfect XP S32304 1.4362
Pressurfect CNG S31603, S31600 1.4435, 1.4436

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