Thermocouple protection tubes

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Thermocouple protection tubes

Tube, pipe, fittings and flanges

Thermocouple protection tubes (pyrometer protection tubes) come in a wide range of high-temperature corrosion resistant materials. The Alleima portfolio includes materials suitable for all types of shielding gases and environments covering operating temperatures up to 1200ºC (2190ºF).

Thermocouple protection tubes

Thermocouple protection tubes from Alleima are characterized by long service life and contribute to reduced maintenance costs in, for example, the metal, glass and petrochemical industries.

Prolong service life with Alleima™ 353 MA

The high-performance material Alleima™ 353 MA* brings particular benefits to thermocouple applications. One of our customers, who previously used tubes of Alloy 600 type, more than doubled the service life of their thermocouple protection tubes by changing to Alleima™ 353 MA. In this case, the tubes were used in the flue gas zone of the pre-bake area of the smelter in an aluminium plant.

Thermocouple protection tube materials (other grades can be offered on request)

Alleima grade
Max. operating temp. ºC (ºF) Typical application areas
Alleima™ 253 MA*
(UNS S30815)
1100ºC (2010ºF) For oxidizing and sulfidizing conditions.
Alleima™ 7RE10
(UNS S31008/S31009)
1100ºC (2010ºF) For oxidizing conditions.
Alleima™ 353 MA*
(UNS S35315)
1150ºC (2100ºF) For oxidizing, nitriding and carburizing conditions as well as in endothermic gas or hydrogen gas (H2).
Alleima™ 4C54
(UNS S44600)
800ºC (1470ºF) For oxidizing and sulfidizing conditions as well as for hydrogen gas (H2) containing environments.
Sanicro® 70
(UNS N06600)
1170ºC (2140ºF) For oxidizing, nitriding and carburizing conditions as well as for salt melts.
Sanicro® 61
(UNS N06601)
1170ºC (2140ºF) For oxidizing, nitriding and carburizing conditions.
Sanicro® 31HT
(UNS N08811/N08810)
1100ºC (2010ºF) For carburizing and nitriding conditions.
Kanthal APM
Kanthal APMT
1200ºC (2190ºF) For oxidizing, carburizing and sulfidizing conditions as well as for hydrogen (H2) containing environments.

*253 MA and 353 MA are trademarks owned by Outokumpu OY

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