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Alleima releases remarkably low carbon footprint data for solid bar products

Alleima has been working on carbon footprint analyses, also known as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), for selected products for an extended period. Now, we share product-specific and reviewed carbon footprint data on our manufactured solid bar products, like the Sanmac 316L which showed an 81% reduction in carbon footprint in comparison to global average.

Feature story 29 January 2024
Delivering reviewed carbon footprint data for rock drill steel products

Delivering reviewed carbon footprint data for rock drill steel products

Insights from Alleima.

Feature story 5 September 2023
LCA – a necessity for the future of sustainable industry

LCA – a necessity for the future of sustainable industry

Insights from Alleima.



Alleima’s location in Scandinavia has helped the company to keep its carbon emissions low in comparison to other parts of the world. In Sweden and Scandinavia, close to 100% of the electricity is fossil-free, while it for instance is 50% in Germany and 35% in China.

Raw materials

Producing stainless steel requires raw materials and energy, with sourcing and production methods impacting carbon footprint. The carbon footprint varies significantly based on the sourcing location of the raw materials and the best choice for the environment is to maximize the use of recycled materials. When producing for example Sanmac 316L, Alleima uses an average of 95,6% recycled materials. The remaining 4.4% accounts for 61% of the total emissions. In Europe, the average amount of recycled materials is 85%, while in Asia it is about 31%. This requires the use of more virgin alloys, leading to significantly higher carbon emissions, ranging from 4 to 20 times more.

Customer benefits

"The fastest way to reduce your scope 3 emissions is to by material from Alleima"

Marcus Hillbom, Business development manager Alleima

We believe that Alleima are producing industry leading products, not only with the best quality, and performance, but also with the lowest carbon emissions. Alleima’s LCA exercise can facilitate comparisons with data from other material suppliers, enabling informed decisions to minimize total carbon emissions of final products.


The carbon footprint is available on the certificate. The ISO standard followed is mentioned, and there is a 2.2 section at the bottom of the certificate where you can find the data.

If there is no data in the MTC, there is no data available.

For access to the LCA reports, please contact your Alleima sales representative.

To provide reliable and solid LCA data, the Alleima LCA model has been reviewed by IVL – Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL), which has long experience and a high level of competence within this field. IVL has also supported in the development of the data management and the development of the model as such.

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