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Paul Favell
Global business development manager

Razor edge sharpness

Alleima® 13C26 knife steel is developed for razor blade applications which means a strong focus on hardness, sharpness and edge stability.

Alleima® 13C26 is our knife steel grade with the highest achievable hardness while still maintaining the fine carbide structure which is characteristic for our knife steels.

With exceptional edge performance and good toughness this grade is an excellent choice for demanding cutting applications where the moderate corrosion resistance of our Alleima® 13C26 knife steel is not a key issue, or if the blade is coated for corrosion protection.

With a recommended hardness range of 55-62 HRC, exceptional edge performance with scary sharpness and good toughness, Alleima® 13C26 knife steel is recommended for surgical blades, razor applications, whittling or as a surface coated EDC (Every Day Carry) knife.

Like most of our knife steels this grade is fineblankable enabling efficient production.

Chemical composition, % (nominal)
0.68 12.9 - 0.40 0.60


Alleima® 13C26