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Compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel source has been steadily increasing around the globe for more than a decade. Combustion engines using CNG emit fewer undesirable gases and particles and CNG is cheaper to use than both gasoline and diesel. Market price fluctuation for CNG is also significantly lower than for gasoline and diesel.

Compressed natural gas is used in traditional combustion engines and can either be used alone or in conjunction with a separate system for gasoline to extend the range of the vehicle (dual fuel), or with diesel (bi-fuel).


Gasoline driven vehicles can also be converted to also use CNG, though this is a fairly expensive operation usually reserved for cars or pick-ups with many kilometers or miles on the clock per year. The main disadvantage of conversion is that the extra fuel tank for the compressed natural gas will take up space in the trunk of a car or the flatbed of a truck. This is, however, not a problem for vehicles built specifically to run on compressed natural gas.

Fuelling stations

The infrastructure for CNG fueling stations is still somewhat limited, but is rapidly expanding in those areas where CNG is becoming a popular alternative. Particularly in the major cities in India, Iran and Pakistan, the Asia-Pacific region, North and South America and parts of Europe.


Among the advantages of using CNG:

  • Less pollution and greater efficiency
  • CNG from landfill biogas was found by CARB to have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of any fuel analyzed
  • CNG vehicles are considered to be more reliable than gasoline-powered vehicles
  • Being gaseous, CNG mixes easily and evenly with air in the combustion chamber
  • CNG engines have lower maintenance costs than gasoline or diesel engines
  • Fuel systems are sealed, preventing fuel losses from spills or evaporation

The final point above brings its own challenge which we can help you overcome.

The perfect balance

CNG systems demand a tube that does everything. It has to be strong enough to handle the rigors of pressure and impact. It has to be corrosion resistant.

It has to be easy to bend and fit, with zero risk of leaks. And it has to be contamination free. Pressurfect CNG is the perfect all-rounder. And we leave nothing to chance – every tube is thoroughly tested and cleaned to perfection.

Key benefits

  • High impact strength
  • Improved machinability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance (Mo is minimum 2.5%) in CNG environments
  • Excellent bendability for gas feeder lines

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