Subsea tubes

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Subsea tubes

Tube, pipe, fittings and flanges

Subsea tubes in austenitic stainless steel, duplex and super-duplex stainless steels for a wide range of subsea applications. The main applications for Alleima subsea tubes are:

Subsea tubes
  • Flowline pipe / line pipe
  • Riser tubes
  • Manifold piping
  • Christmas tree piping
  • Hydraulic lines for drilling risers

Alleima's range of subsea tubes includes steels of ASTM 316L type, SAF™ 2205 duplex stainless steel and SAF 2507 super-duplex stainless steel.

New material for subsea applications

In the near future, new hyper-duplex material from Alleima, SAF™ 3207 HD, will be available for subsea applications. SAF™ 3207 HD offers a unique combination of high strength and corrosion resistance which is not available today in any material.

List of subsea tube materials
Grade Description
Alleima™ 3R65 ASTM 316L An austenitic stainless steel with low strength and moderate corrosion resistance.
SAF™ 2205 UNS S31803/S32205 22Cr duplex stainless steel offering a strength level of 65 ksi / 450 MPa, which is approximately twice that of ASTM 316L. It also has higher resistance to certain types of corrosion and cracking.
SAF™ 2507UNS S32750  25Cr super-duplex stainless steel with a higher strength (80 ksi / 550MPa) and improved corrosion resistance compared to 22Cr materials.
SAF™ 3207 HD A new hyper-duplex stainless steel characterized by a unique combination of strength and corrosion resistance.

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