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Why is a short setup time important?

  • Higher machine utilization
  • Quicker batch changes
  • Less wastage of trial components
  • Reusability of cutting data programs

For any producer of machined parts, minimizing the downtime is essential. Therefore, the time spent shifting between batches must always be kept to a minimum. This process normally involves changing program, tools, material, and making a trial component. If a problem with material inconsistency exists, many trial components might be necessary and worst case, even scrapped before the machining process is stable. This of course both consumes time and adds cost.

Now let’s consider the different steps in the production process, and how Sanmac® materials can improve overall productivity.

  • Starting with the setup, Sanmac® materials provide a tight tolerance diameter with a clean and even surface. This makes it easy for the operator to set the first cut correctly, with minimal stock, and still cut the part cleanly.
  • The material consistency we provide, batch to batch, makes the run-in time of the part short, as the same program and cutting data can be used for previously machined components. No additional trialing cuts are necessary.

This reduces machine idle time, increases utilization, and finally saves both money and time that can be better spent on running the next part.