Does your next compressor need to be smaller? Does it need a higher Coefficient of Performance (COP), or maybe a lower failure rate? Based on our experience, you’ll probably need all of that and more.

Dive into our valve steel pool

With growing demands on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly refrigerants, the pressure for compressor manufacturers to perform with quality is on. Withstanding higher loads, temperatures and frequencies in new models are among tomorrow’s compressor valve challenges, while valve system design and materials knowledge will be key factors. Further design possibilities can be right within your reach. It’s just a matter of exploring them together. Through real-case simulations and experiments, together with our materials experts, we can pioneer solutions for you.


Alleima® 20C
Alleima® 7C27Mo2
Hiflex™ compressor valve steel

Whether your compressor is working its magic in a fridge, freezer or air-conditioning system, its value lies in the design. Through teamwork with customers and with steels adapted to future developments we have seen results that meet the needs of the market.

Increased compressor efficiency

Getting as much output as possible from the input is basically what compressors are meant to do. Conscious design using suitable, ISO certified valve materials to reach higher valve lift increases compressor efficiency. In turn, setting a new COP level standard can be the result.

Reduce noise

Lowering the noise level of the compressor itself by using smart material and solutions, lets you put focus on optimizing your product. For this, our valve steel and knowledge can come in handy.

Deliver on reliability

Even in the most extreme situations compressors need to function for their full calculated life time. Neither warehouse refrigeration systems storing tons of food nor life-bringing medical products can afford failures. Material choices in dialogue with the supplier will help you design your way to solid reliability.

Reduce size

Smaller compressors save space, material and weight which shrinks products such as refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioning systems. Achieving a weight reduction is a simple equation that can seem hard to crack. But with lighter material, suitable properties and tight cooperation we can make this a reality.

Environmentally friendly

Though the massive number of compressor applications globally is an environmental challenge, for compressor engineers this also presents an opportunity. Small design adaptions can make a significant impact on the total energy consumption. While demands from governmental organizations to switch to more sustainable refrigerants hover above, the valve materials for these sustainable compressors are actually just waiting for you to dive in and find them.

Our program includes hardened and tempered strip steel for manufacturing compressor valves used in, for example, the following applications:

  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Brake systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Industrial air compressors
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Vacuum pumps

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