Let’s Share the Knowledge About Corrosion Prevention at AMPP Italy Conference and Expo 2024

By being a technology leader, a progressive customer partner, and a sustainability driver, we will advance industries through materials technology. At this year's AMPP Italy Conference and Expo, we'll share our expertise on materials that can handle even the most corrosive conditions.

Event details: AMPP Italy Chapter 3rd International Conference & Expo for Corrosion Prevention
When: June 9 - 11, 2024
Where: Genova, Italy
Booth: 25

Visit us at our booth 25 to see how our industry leading experts can support you. Here’s what you can you expect:

Sanicro 35 ®

The Sanicro 35 ® alloy is our award-winning super-austenitic stainless steel alloy, which won the Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year award, at AMPP 2021. Sanicro 35 ® offers the best of both worlds between standard duplex or austenitic grades and nickel alloys, designed to service even the most aggressive corrosive environments.


Discover SAF™3006 a duplex stainless steel, engineered to enhance corrosion resistance in harsh acid and caustic environments. Giving you a tailored stainless steel for chemical and petrochemical heat exchangers all while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Sharing knowledge

Alleima’s mission is to advance industries through material technology. Our expertise enables more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable processes, products, and applications for our customers.

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Meet our experts

Karen Picker
Technical Marketing Manager - Tube Americas

Stress Distribution and the Impact on Corrosion Properties of U-Bends in Different Materials Commonly used in Petroleum Refineries

Jonas Höwing
Technical Marketing Specialist - EMEA Nordics

Sanicro 35 as an alternative to Nickel base alloys in renewable process

Tom Eriksson
Executive Vice President and Head of Strategy Research - Sweden

Renewables materials in a Sustainable Future

Barinder Ghai
Director Technical Marketing and New Business Development - Birmingham, UK

Chairing Corrosion Resistant Alloys Welding

Bernardo Siza Vieira
Technical Marketing - Aveiro, Portugal

Sanicro 35 ® Bridging the gap

Oscar Ohlin
R&D Engineer - Sweden

Corrosion properties of the recently developed Super Duplex Stainless Steel

SAF™ 3006

SAF™ 3006

Sanicro 35

Sanicro 35

Express Program for Heat Exchanger Tubes

Express Program for Heat Exchanger Tubes