Extrusion billets

Billets and blooms

Extrusion billets for the production of tube and profiles in a wide range of stainless steels. Alleima has close tolerance control on billet size, length and straightness to meet the most stringent customer requirements. The extrusion billets are 100% ultrasonically and eddy current tested in a fully automated inspection line to ensure the highest quality standards.

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Extrusion billets

High-quality surface finish

Alleima billets are peel turned in advanced peel turning machines to very fine 'mirror finish' surfaces. Ra values of 3.8 μm max are guaranteed, with normal values below 0.5 μm.

Standard program - extrusion billets
Size range,
mm (in.)
Tolerances, mm (in.) Lengths,
m (ft)
Conditions of supply
75 – 280
(2.95 – 11.02)
± 0.5 (±0.0197) 4 – 12
(13.1 – 39.3)
Peel turned and polished or belt ground
>280 – 325
(>11.02 – 12.8)
± 0.5 (±0.0197) max 8
(max 26.2)
Peel turned and belt ground

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