Bondable coatings can be applied to bare wire or as a second coat over the top of any of the insulations that are offered. The amount of coating applied can be standard NEMA or JIS build or thinner amounts as required.

If a special coating or insulation is required Alleima will work with you to develop a process for its use. Alleima has, for example, developed low out-gassing, high-temperature, self-bondable coatings specifically designed for the hard disk drive industry to reduce contamination and deliver good resonance performance.

Description Maximum usage temperature* Bonding technique
Bond B Thermoplastic polyvinyl butyral 100°C (210°F) Methanol, acetone or heat activated
Bond CJL Thermoplastic polyester Acetone, methyl ethyl ketone or heat activated
Bond E1 Thermoplastic epoxy 130°C (265°F) Acetone, MEK or heat activated
Bond MA Thermoplastic polyamide 155°C (310°F) Methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or heat activated
Bond TT Thermoplastic polyamide Isopropyl alcohol or heat activated
Bond XTS Thermosetting epoxy 155°C (310°F) MEK or heat activated
Bond XTC Thermoplastic polyamide 200°C (390°F) Heat activated
Bond MA50** Thermoplastic polyamide 200°C (390°F) Methyl alcohol or heat activated

* The maximum usage temperature is based on the temperature at which the adhesive retains 5 - 10% of it's room temperature strength.

** Contact us for more information.

Metallic coatings


Alleima provides several types of metallic coatings such as anodizing,electroplating and electropolishing. As a standard, Alleima offers electroplating treatments with silver, rhodium, palladium, copper, gold, fine gold, tin, and nickel. And with our ability to electroplate micro components we can make state of the art metallic coatings on very small parts but also other types of electroplating can be manufactured on request. Additionally, Alleima works with cladding and cladded alloys.