Datasheet updated

2024-01-11 10:32
(supersedes all previous editions)

Aromatic polyether-based thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are unique resins which exhibit excellent solvent resistance and biostability. We have developed processing techniques to allow the application of this material on our alloy offerings and it can be applied at thicknesses as thin as 2.5 microns.

TPU’s are traditionally applied using extrusion or injection molding, and application of thicknesses below 1 mil are atypical of these processing methods. In-house processing capability of this resin has been developed. These materials are processed at much lower temperatures required to cure magnet wire polyurethanes, resulting in minimal influence on the base metal mechanical properties, which may be advantageous in certain customer specific applications.

Typical properties

Shore Hardness: 69 D (Note: variants in hardness are available, but it’s necessary to contact an Applications Specialist to discuss specific applications)

Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi): 8800

This material is normally offered in its uncolored state.

Disclaimer: Recommendations are for guidance only, and the suitability of a material for a specific application can be confirmed only when we know the actual service conditions. Continuous development may necessitate changes in technical data without notice. This datasheet is only valid for Alleima materials.