One example of cored medical wire components consists of joining Alleima® F562 CoCrNiMo alloy shell (MP35N) and a secondary alloy as the core material. The core material in Alleima cored wire is typically pure silver (Ag) to promote increased conductivity relative to solid Alleima® F562 (MP35N).

Other core materials such as platinum (Pt), gold (Au) and tantalum (Ta) can be selected as the core material in order to increase the radiopacity or provide other unique combinations of properties to the composite wire.Cored wire Alleima® F562 shell provides a highly biocompatible medium for use in long term implant applications.

Other common shell materials consist of various stainless steel alloys such as Exera® 12R10 or Alleima® 316LVM. These shell materials are only applicable for short term implantation applications.

Our cored wire is typically used for cochlear implants, pacemaker, defibrillator leads and other cardiovascular type applications.

The standard core dimension is 25% by area. Other cored wire core sizes can be offered on request.

The outer component of our cored medical wire, when using Exera® F562 material, is characterized by :

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent fatigue properties
  • High strength combined with good ductility
  • Biocompatibility

For applications that utilize an inner silver (Ag) core, the composite wire provides:

  • High electrical efficiency
  • Good electrical conductivity

Size range

Alleima® cored wire is available in sizes ranging from 0.020 mm to 3 mm (0.0008 to 0.118 in.). Smaller and larger diameters can be supplied on request.


The standard outside diameter tolerances for Alleima® cored wire are given as a function of size range in the following list. Special tolerances are available on request.

Cored wire tolerances

OD range, mm Tolerance, mm
 0.0250–0.1780 ± 0.0025
 0.178–0.381 ± 0.005
 0.381–0.813 ± 0.013 
 0.813–3.000 ± 0.025