The Duplex Stainless Steel Webinar Series: Get the best of both worlds

India’s chemical and petrochemical industries are on an upswing but battling the harsh realities of corrosive environments. Here's where duplex stainless steel offers the "best of both worlds" solution. Unlike traditional steels, duplex steels don't force a compromise between ferritic and austenitic properties.

At our Mehsana mill, our duplex stainless steels are extruded and cold-worked to perfection, resulting in a range of options for diverse applications. Strong yet ductile and easy to weld, they reduce weight with thinner walls. Plus, the lower nickel content makes them cost-efficient. In short, it is a 50-50 austenitic-ferritic material that gives you the best of both worlds.

We would like to invite you to our upcoming Duplex Stainless Steel webinar series: Get the best of both worlds. Join us as we explore the history of stainless steel, address common application challenges, and guide you through mastering its manufacturing and specifications.

Presented by Rohit Ojha, Technical Marketing Specialist, Alleima India. This 3-part webinar series has been designed to be your one-stop shop for understanding and leveraging the duplex stainless steels for your operations. Each webinar session will last approximately an hour and consist of a 35- to 45-minute presentation session and a dedicated 15-minute Q&A session afterward to address your specific questions.

Three webinars; register for each webinar below to unlock the full potential of Duplex Stainless Steel for your business!

What to expect

Part 1: Behind the alloy

The remarkable story of duplex and why it matters to you
July 25, 2024, Thursday, 2PM to 3PM IST

Join our materials experts for an insightful journey into the development of duplex stainless steel. Discover how this alloy combats corrosion with thinner tube walls, allows easy welding and supports innovative applications – offering the best of both worlds.

Part 2: Myths about duplex

New opportunities and common myths about duplex
August 29, 2024, Thursday, 2PM to 3PM IST

When is a duplex tube ideal, and when does it present challenges? Our experts will discuss the pros, cons, and common myths about welding, fabrication and more with duplex stainless steel. Learn how to maximize the benefits.

Part 3: Peak performance manufacturing

Get peak performance with duplex from the start
September 23, 2024, Monday, 2PM to 3PM IST

What makes our duplex tube different than others? Discover the secrets of our manufacturing techniques that optimize performance and consistent quality. Learn how our duplex is melted in Sweden and cold worked to perfection in Mehsana.

Meet our experts

Rohit Ojha

Technical Marketing Specialist
Alleima India

Sudhindra Hathwar

Business Development Manager
Alleima India