Decades of expertise. Continuous innovation. It all goes into our fine wire products and wire-based components, custom-manufactured to your individual needs.

What gives ultra-fine medical wire products from Alleima such high quality? The answer lies in the diamond dies. Each one is crafted with painstaking attention to detail by our in-house craftspeople.

Innovating for impact

The best possible solution for your device application starts here. From precision tolerance coating to multi-filar micro cables, we can help you imagine and implement the innovative medical wire solutions your device design demands. All so you can manufacture to the very highest reliability and quality standards.


Control is everything to us. And as one of the world’s leading metallurgy pioneers, we have strict control over our supply chain. But agility matters, too. It’s why our deliberately lean initiatives increase quality and decrease variability throughout the full design process.

More than a supplier

Competence across the entire value chain. Added value at every step. Expertise, creativity, and collaboration throughout the component design and manufacturing process. We’re much more than a supplier; we’re your partner in every R&D journey.

We can support you with a number of solutions to your problems:

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