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Excellent wear resistance

Alleima® 19C27 is our most wear resistant knife steel grade and developed for abrasive applications. Alleima® 19C27 is the odd grade in our knife steel portfolio because it's a coarse carbide grade, unlike the our other knife steel grades.

The coarse carbide grades excel at wear resistance but do not allow keen edge angles and have limited edge stability, due to the sacrifice of toughness related to the coarse microstructure.

Alleima® 19C27 is developed for industrial blades for cutting cardboard and tough fiber materials. The world class wear resistance is the main reason why this grade should be selected. 19C27 is limited in corrosion resistance and we recommend surface coating on our 19C27 for knife applications to avoid corrosion issues.

With a recommended hardness range of 55-63 HRC, excellent wear resistance and a coarse carbide structure 19C27 is suitable for industrial blades for cutting tough or/and abrasive materials.

Chemical composition, % (nominal)
0.95 13.5 - 0.40 0.65


Alleima® 19C27