High-performance tubular materials from Alleima for high-temperature environments contributes to prolonged tube life and/or more efficient processes in a wide range of applications. Our high-temperature tubes are used as, for example, recuperator tubes, lance tubes, muffle tubes, thermocouple protection tubes and in various types of boilers.

Alleima® 253 MA

Alleima® 253 MA* is an austenitic, chromium-nickel stainless steel alloyed with nitrogen and reactive elements. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as recuperators in steel mills and PCI lances for blast furnaces.
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Alleima® 353 MA

Alleima® 353 MA* is an austenitic, chromium-nickel stainless steel contributing to longer tube life and reduced maintenance in a wide range of high-temperature applications.
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Alleima® 4C54

Alleima® 4C54 is a ferritic, stainless chromium steel for use in high-temperature applications such as recuperator tubes and thermocouple protection tubes.
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Sanicro® 25

Sanicro®25 is a new material developed for superheater and reheater tubes in the next generation of coal-fired power boilers.
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Sanicro® 31HT is an austenitic, nickel-iron-chromium stainless steel combining good resistance to high-temperature corrosion with high mechanical strength. Applications include muffle tubes, recuperator tubes and furnace tubes.
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Alleima® 7RE10

Used in furnace tubes, recuperators, muffle tubes in continuous wire annealing furnaces, thermocouple protection tubes, radiant tubes, tube hangers in petroleum and steam boilers, burners.
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* 253 MA and 353 MA are trademarks owned by Outokumpu Stainless.