Single strand and multi-filar micro-cables can be manipulated into different cable configurations. The strands are formed by twisting and wrapping together multiple single ended wires or previously joined multifilar wires or cables to form a single entity.

The individual single strands that comprise the multifilar cable can be bare or individually coated prior to cabling. The overall stranded cable can also be overcoated with a polymer or PTFE after the cabling operation. The range forCables single ended cable diameter is 0.018mm to 0.25 mm (0.0007 to 0.010 inches).

Stranded cables provide a more flexible and versatile wire based solution than single ended wires because strands can deform and move independently versus the bulk medium and different base metals or alloys can be incorporated into the cable. The flexibility in the configuration can allow for wire configurations such as coils and other wire forms that are not possible with an equivalent single wire. Aside from coil based solutions such as telemetry and induction applications, stranded cables can be used in thermocouples and as ground wires.