Alleima® Print XP (Extended Performance) is the latest development in our range of printing doctor blade steels. This patented grade offers significantly higher wear resistance than other high quality tool steels. The high hardness of our Alleima® Print XP, due to the large content of small carbides, results in longer blade life with retained printing quality.

Extensive internal testing, supported by independently verified field tests with customers, confirms more than four times greater wear resistance compared with doctor blades made from ASTM 1095 type carbon steel.

Alleima® Print XP is particularly suited to abrasive inks, such as white inks or other inks with high percentages of titanium dioxide.

Alleima print XP

Over time, Alleima® Print XP shows 25% greater wear resistance compared with other high-end quality tool steels. (Aggregated result from several tests performed at our R&D center. The weight loss of the material measured after wear from a 175 cm long anilox roller running at a pressure of 2 bar, 200 min/m for 16 hours in process water and deionized water.) The results are supported by field tests in actual production with customers.

Alleima® Print XP main characteristics

  • Exceptionally high wear resistance
  • Very high hardness
  • Suitable for all types of inks, especially abrasive inks

Alleima® Print doctor blade steel grades

Alleima® Print XP

Exceptionally high wear resistance, Particularly suitable for abrasive inks, White-polished surface

Alleima® Print EPS

Excellent wear resistance, Corrosion resistant, Suitable for all types of ink, White-polished surface

Alleima® Print RPS

High wear resistance, Corrosion resistant, Suitable for water-based inks and laminating, White-polished surface

Alleima® Print EP

Very high wear resistance Suitable for non water-based and UV inks Blue or white-polished surface

Alleima® Print RP

High wear resistance, Suitable for non water-based inks, Blue or white polished surface