All alloys listed on the medical wire materials page can be provided in ribbon form. The alloy or base metal material can be supplied with or without a polymer coating. Surface finishes can be modified with gold, nickel or silver plating or provided with an oxidized surface layer (when not a noble metal). Mechanical properties can be modified through various heat treatments and cold reduction operations to meet the product specific requirements.

Ribbon sizes

Thickness: 0.0127 mm to 0.75 mm (0.00055” - 0.03”) with aspect ratio up to 10:1. Larger aspect ratios up to 40:1 may also be available upon request.Ribbon_wire

Width: 0.051 mm to 3.05 mm (.002” - .120”).

Material can be supplied either spring tempered or in the annealed condition.

Typical components for ribbon: coiling, wrapping, braiding. We can also customize to fit your needs.

Our ribbon spooling capabilities include standard spools (Wardwell braiding and Steeger bobbins). Spools can be produced in sets of 8, 16, or 32 in accordance with your requirements and spool colors can be varied to differentiate spool sizes.