Domestic refrigeration

These are essential appliances for most people but also have a significant effect on the planet. Demands from the market are increasing to say the least. In harsh competition the energy efficiency race will determine a market leader, but very often the next designs are limited by the properties of existing compressor parts. We believe the option of letting that slow down the development of your new reciprocating or linear compressors can be avoided.

Residential air-conditioning

Greater affluence in many parts of the world presents another growing compressor market in residential air-conditioning. For technologies like rotating and scroll compressors our valve steel can contribute to both energy efficiency and reduced noise levels.

Commercial refrigeration

Compared to storing food for a private home the amount of food in a commercial refrigeration system sets the bar at a different level. By using valve steel adjusted for new, natural refrigerants the food is kept safe and the environmental impact is strongly reduced.

Cold Chain

Transporting enormous quantities of perishables, whether by boat, truck or train over long distances is risky – with both cost and quality in jeopardy. Highly reliable compressors are therefore crucial for keeping the refrigeration facilities running. Reliable valve steel keeps the heart of the compressor pumping.

Vehicle AC

There are well over a billion cars in the world and very many of them depend on functioning air-conditioning equipment. Imagine speeding up compressor efficiency with more advanced valve materials and designs for 100 million cars globally.

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