Technological advances tend to create a need for more advanced materials. And this is definitely the case where the development of Advanced Ultra Supercritical (AUSC) boilers is concerned.

The global demand for electricity is rapidly increasing while coal-fired power plants are at the same time required to reduce emissions and operate more efficiently.

Advanced Ultra Supercritical boilers have been designed and developed to operate at very high pressures and temperatures to meet both the environmental and energy efficiency challenges. Steam cycle efficiency has been improved, meaning that for a given electrical output there will be less consumption of fuel (coal) and less release of carbon dioxide.

  • Emissions will be reduced
  • More electricity will be produced
  • Costs will be lowered

While boiler materials need to withstand very high temperatures, strength will be needed for the high pressures involved, while resistance to coal ash corrosion will be another essential component.

Sanicro® 25 has been developed by us specifically to meet all these challenges for AUSC boilers.

High-performance Sanicro® 25 for AUSC boilers

Sanicro® 25 datasheet