Alleima offers many types of base polymer insulation and PTFE coatings.

CoatingsThe base polymer insulation coatings can be modified with traditional top coat materials such as polyamide (nylon) and polyamideimide. The top coats provide enhanced lubricity and smoothing of the underlying base insulation coating. An additional solvent or heat activatable bond coat can also be applied on top of the base insulation and/or modified top coat surface layer. The bond coatings are necessary when wires are used in free standing coil or other configurations where multiple insulated wires need to be joined together. The choice of heat or solvent activatable coating will be dependent on downstream processing equipment and methods available to the end user.

The polymer and PTFE coating materials can be modified with a pigment for identification purposes. Many of the base insulation resins have a natural pigmentation, therefore color availability will be dependent on polymer and thickness required.

Base, top and bond coat insulation thicknesses and properties can be provided in accordance with the NEMA MW1000 standards. However, tighter tolerances and thinner coatings can also be provided if necessary.

Custom coatings in addition to the standard coatings provided on the coatings table can also be developed and provided. We are happy to share more information. Just reach out.