Strip steel for shock absorber shims

Strip steel

Hardened and tempered precision strip steel for the manufacturing of high-performance shock absorber shims. Our shock absorber steel is available in carbon steel and stainless steel, providing more design freedom if the environment and fatigue conditions become extreme.

Strip steel for shock absorber shims

Close tolerances enable fine-tuning of shock absorber performance

Our shock absorber steel is characterized by close dimensional tolerances facilitating better control of the oil flow and the damping curve in the shock absorber. The improved possibility to fine-tune the oil flow is one of the most important factors in tailor-making safety and comfort.


The table describes our two standard grades of shock absorber steel. Other grades can be offered on request.

Our grade Description
Alleima® 20C A carbon steel of ASTM 1095 type with 1% carbon, characterized by high fatigue strength.
Alleima® 7C27Mo2 A martensitic chromium steel alloyed with molybdenum, giving better corrosion resistance and higher corrosion fatigue strength than conventional steels of the ASTM 420 type.


Our strip steel for shock absorber shims is supplied in standard thicknesses according to the table.

Thickness Tolerance*, +/-
mm in. mm in.
0.102 0.004 0.0043 0.00016
0.114 0.0045 0.0043 0.00016
0.152 0.006 0.0054 0.00020
0.203 0.008 0.0064 0.00024
0.254 0.010 0.0075 0.00028
0.305 0.012 0.0075 0.00028
0.381 0.015 0.0086 0.00031
0.406 0.016 0.0096 0.00035
0.457 0.018 0.0096 0.00035
0.508 0.020 0.0107 0.00039
0.559 0.022 0.014 0.00055
0.600 0.0236 0.014 0.00055

* Material with closer tolerances can be delivered on request.


Strip in standard thicknesses is stocked in widths up to 340 mm (13.39 in.), ready for slitting to the required width.



Edges are slit and deburred. Shaved edges can be supplied on request.


Maximum out-of-flatness across and along the strip is 0.30% of the nominal strip width.


Material is delivered bright, fine-polished. Read more about shock absorber steel surfaces.

Delivery forms and marking

Our strip steel for shock absorber shims is delivered in labeled coils packed in wooden cases. Each coil is marked with steel grade, heat, lot and coil number and nominal size, allowing full material traceability. Net and gross weights are marked on the case. For overseas shipment, coils are wrapped in paper and sealed in a plastic bag containing silica gel.

Material is protected against rust with oil.

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