Never still

Innovation. It’s key to our success. And essential for our customers. It’s why we maintain a portfolio of 1500 alloy recipes, whereof over 900 active for further processing into different niche applications. These are protected by ~850 patents, with new patent-protected alloy concepts in constant development.

Not least, we maintain active and close relationships with universities and institutes through common projects and initiatives, either governmentally funded or in bilateral collaborations.

Materials innovator and technology leader

As leading experts in materials technology, we develop materials that are lighter, stronger, more corrosion-resistant, withstand higher temperatures and higher pressures.

Key focus areas include evolutionary upgrades and refinements to the existing materials and processes, such as the development of new super duplex grades and austenitic materials and next-generation compressor valve steel, or through the expansion of the existing portfolio.

Experts in metallurgy
  • ~900 active alloy recipes
  • Unique ability to produce carbon steel, stainless, nickel-base and superalloys
  • World-classraw material optimization - chemistry tolerances and circularity
  • Powder process for ferritic steels – unique set-up
World-class process competences
  • Hot working – rolling and forging
  • Extrusion – wide portfolio range of grades
  • Heat treatment
  • Expertise in cold rolling and hardening of precision strip products
  • Pilgering – unique surface quality
  • Non-destructive testing competencies
  • Finishing capabilities for final properties
  • Roll-to-roll PVD coating of wide strips
Integrated innovation and manufacturing process

From application knowledge to modeling & alloy design to pilot plan to analysis and application testing to scale up & full-scale production, and continued to additional application knowledge.