Fine wire

Fine wire in stainless steel and precious metals

Fine wire in a wide range of stainless steels and nickel alloys including resistance and resistance heating alloys. Alleima's fine wire is available in sizes ranging down to 10 microns.

The fine wire is supplied in round or shaped form and is delivered with orwithout insulation and coating. Alleima's fine wire is typically used in applications, such as:

Heating Soldering irons, heaters, heating elements, , ceramic heaters, floor heaters, elements, cables, electric blankets, appliances, hot plates, grills, toaster ovens, space heaters, igniters for detonators and air bags, geating cables and rope heaters, low temperature heating applications, window defrosters, etc.
Conductive products Voice coils, speaker coils, RF Coils, actuator coils, lead wires, etc.
Sensing pressure, temperature, and flow. RTD, flow meters, thermocouples, controllers, probes, thermistor leads, thermocouple leads, transducers, high accuracy transducers, strain gauges, controllers, RTD leads, etc.
Mechanical control Guide wires, push wires, braiding, weaving, etc.
Precision Resistance Resistors, potentiometers, thermostat bars, temperature compensating devices, transducers, high current resistors, high value resistors and potentiometers for automotive and consumer electronics, temperature sensitive resistors, industrial rheostats, starter motors, etc.

Fine wire insulation and coating

Alleima offers several types of coatings including PTFE coating and adhesive bondcoats for its fine wire, all available in multiple colors.

For insulation and bondable coatings of fine wire Alleima uses a continuous 'flood coating' or extruded coating processes. The 'flood coating' process gives the wire quality and performance benefits over other techniques applied for fine wire, as 'flood coating' guarantees a complete coating over the wire surface, which is both consistent and extremely tenacious.

Extruded coating. it's an ETFE polymer coating is a biocompatible coating added in an extrusion process when precise coating is required. It can be made in any wall thickness larger than 0.02 mm (0.0008”) where typical tolerances are ± 0.01 mm (±0.0004”). Thinner wall thickness on request.

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