Our ultra-fine medical wire offering includes an extensive range of stainless steels, precious metals and other biocompatible alloys, such as cobalt-chromium (CoCr) alloys.

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Exera® medical wire materials (other grades can be offered on request).

* The grade meets ASTM F899.

Carbon steel (free-cutting steel)

Alleima grade UNS ASTM
Alleima® 20AP medical wire - -
Alleima® Finemac - -

Precious metals

Type of alloy UNS ASTM
Platinum P04001 B561
Platinum Iridium P04010 B684
Platinum Tungsten - -
Platinum Clad Tantalum - -
Pure Gold P00001 F72
Gold-plated Copper - B488
Silver P07001 B413

CoCrMo (cobalt-chromium-molybdenum) alloys

Alleima grade UNS ASTM
Alleima® F562 medical wire R30035 F562
Alleima® F562 LTi medical wire* R30035 F562

* Low titanium version of Sandvik F562

Sensor Alloys


Kanthal Resistance Alloys