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2024-03-14 15:24
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Alleima® platinum iridium alloys (Alleima® Pt10Ir and Alleima® Pt20Ir) are precious metal medical wires that combine excellent biocompatible properties with excellent radiopacity, moderate strength and good formability. These alloys can be provided in an annealed, stress relieved or cold worked condition depending on the post processing requirements.

For medical use, Alleima® Pt10Ir and Alleima® Pt20Ir medical wire is delivered with the highest surface finish (Medical class) in order to maximize the fatigue strength which is critical in implant devices such as lead wires for cochlear implants and implant electrodes. Stress relieved conditioned wire is also often required when straightness is critical to the application.


  • ASTM: B684


Alleima® Pt10Ir and Alleima® Pt20Ir can be used for cochlear implants, stimulated electrode implants, sensors for continuous glucose monitors and neurological stimulation devices.

These wires can be provided in as drawn condition, annealed or coated with a suitable polymer or PTFE coating.

Note : PtW wire can be supplied

Chemical composition (nominal) %

Pt Ir
Alleima® Pt10Ir 90 10
Alleima® Pt20Ir 80 20

Forms of supply

Alleima® Pt10Ir and Alleima® Pt20Ir medical wire can be supplied as follows:

Size range :

  • Round wire : 0.018 to 0.254 mm (0.0007 to 0.010 in.)

Mechanical properties

Round wire

Alleima® Condition Tensile strength Rm Elongation A, Hardness
MPa ksi %
min min in 4D typical
Pt10Ir Annealed 380 55 20 44 HRA
Pt10Ir Cold worked 896 130 2 55 HRA
Pt10Ir Stress relieved 586 85 3 50 HRA
Pt20Ir Annealed 690 100 20 57 HRA
Pt20Ir Cold worked 1000 145 2 64 HRA
Pt20Ir Stress relieved 827 120 3 60 HRA

Physical properties

Property Exera® Pt10Ir Exera® Pt20Ir
Density ( 20 °C) 21.5 g/cm3 21.7 g/cm3
Modulus of elasticity, x103 (20°C)
202 MPa
219 MPa
233 MPa
Specific heat capacity (20°C) 485 J/(kg °C) 0.11Btu/(lb °F)
Thermal conductivity (20°C) 14W/(m °C) 8 Btu/(lb °F)
Thermal expansion, x10-6 (30-100°C) 16.5 per °C 9.5 per °F

Disclaimer: Alleima is not providing any products or services that are intended or may be construed to be recommending or otherwise advising on, in any manner, the design, suitability, appropriateness or effectiveness, from a medical/biological/safety perspective, of any medical material, instrument and/or medical device.