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Paul Favell
Global business development manager

Examples of grades:

We develops stainless knife steels with fine carbides for world-class edge performance. The fine structure allows for razor sharpness and keen edges. The fine-carbide knife steels perform well in all edge geometries, since they are not restricted by large primary carbides.

The structure of fine-carbide knife steels makes them easy to sharpen and gives the blade excellent toughness. Due to their microstructure, the fine-carbide steels are also suitable for stamping and fine blanking.

Excellent edge performance

Our fine-carbide stainless knife steels are used for knives, razor blades and cutting components in electric shavers. The combination of high hardness and a fine-carbide structure ensures excellent edge performance. The high hardness of the fine-carbide stainless knife steels provides good edge stability and the high toughness prevents micro-chipping. The small carbides, with an average size of 0.5 microns, allow for unmatched sharpness. A sharp edge should have a radius of 1-2 microns, which is easy to achieve with the small carbides in our fine-carbide knife steels.