Nomination committee

The Nomination Committee for Alleima AB shall comprise members appointed by each of the four largest shareholders in terms of votes, as per the last banking day in August, as well as the Chairman of the Board (convenor). The mandate period of the Nomination Committee is until the composition of the next Nomination Committee is completed.

This follows from the instruction regarding the appointment of the Nomination Committee adopted by an extra General Meeting on 14 February 2022 and applicable until the General Meeting resolves otherwise.

The Nomination Committee shall prepare proposals for the Annual General Meeting regarding the Chairman of the Meeting, number of Board members, fees to be paid to each of the Board members, election of Board members and Board Chairman, remuneration to the auditor and election of auditor and, if necessary, proposal for changes in the instruction to the Nomination Committee.

Nomination committee for the 2023 AGM

Shareholder proposals

Proposals to the Nomination Committee can be sent to the Nomination Committee’s Secretary Johanna Kreft by e-mail

Press release regarding Nomination Committee