Achieve more with less! Demand for increased efficiency and throughput in production continues to surge, further propelled by the global transition towards sustainable energy sources.

Our bar solutions play a pivotal role in meeting diverse challenges across various machining applications, including couplings, valves, fittings, nozzles, and flanges.

Alleima Surface Technology specializes in the large-scale manufacturing of coated strip material for bipolar plates and interconnects. Both are key components in both the PEM water electrolysis and Solid Oxide electrolysis techniques. Our team of experts offers extensive materials and coating expertise to assist you in reducing cost and achieving optimal design within these electrolysis areas.

Hydraulic and instrumentation tubing

Hydraulic and instrumentation tubes are available in a comprehensive range of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Bar products

Highly machinable and weldable, our Alleima® 3R60 bar products are frequently used in the construction of top units or caps within hydrogen storage facilities. Like our other bar products, Alleima® 3R60 can be tailored to your required formats. This austenitic chromium-nickel steel has a minimum of 2.5% molybdenum and a low carbon content, making it highly suitable for hydrogen applications.