During the distribution phase, new challenges arise, include managing higher pressures, avoiding leaks and ensuring good tube bendability.

High-pressure tubes

Alleima offers a wide range of high-pressure tubing, available as long-length coiled tubes and in straight lengths. Our coiled tube, suitable for applications such as hydrogen refueling stations, minimizes the need for numerous fittings extensive welding. This not only reduces material waste, but also streamlines the installation places. We also offer straight lengths designed for hydrogen high-pressure hydrogen applications.

Recommended grades, such as 3R60/ HP120 and HP160, are offered in fixed lengths or in coiled formats exceeding 100 meters, depending on diameter and wall thickness. These grades are widely used in applications like hydrogen refueling stations, for connecting storage units to dispensers.

On-site tubing solution

In addition, we offer an on-site tubing solution that is mobile and digitally connected, streamlining the process of decoiling our coils and cutting them to the required length. The Alleima fully mobile and connected container can be tailored to meet unique customer requirements and flexibility located where required. Utilizing a 20-foot container platform, this solution minimizes waste and enhances safety by incorporating extended-length tubes without any couplings or weldings. Moreover, installation times are significantly reduced.

H&I tubes

Hydraulic and instrumentation tubing plays a crucial role in connecting storage units to various measure and monitoring systems within low-pressure environments. Our specialized 316l/1.4435 tubing, boasting an increased Ni content of 13%, comes highly recommended for these hydrogen applications.

Alleima Engineering

Since 2022, Alleima Engineering has offered customized tube processing solutions, including bending and end-finishing techniques, to our customers. Our expertise lies in the fabrication of high-pressure heat exchangers designed for hydrogen refueling stations, which are essential for effectively cooling hydrogen prior to fueling. This accelerates the refueling process, enabling more vehicles to be serviced within a specific timeframe. In essence, Alleima engineering is the ideal partner for those seeking customized solutions for their hydrogen applications.