Declarations at the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai show the growing global importance of nuclear energy in the transition towards the greater adoption of renewable power sources.

For the first time since the annual climate summits began in 1995, the 198 signatory countries to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) officially called for an acceleration in low-emission power, including nuclear energy, to help increase emissions reductions. In a separate declaration at COP28, more than 22 countries agreed to triple nuclear power capacity by 2050.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) described COP28’s support for nuclear energy as a ‘historic milestone” in the advance towards greater energy decarbonization. It highlights global recognition of the potential for nuclear to work hand in hand with renewables in the energy transition and reflects the upswing in interest in nuclear energy, reflected by market growth.

With the appetite for nuclear energy accelerating, the industry is advancing too. The increase in small modular reactors (SMRs) - defined by the (IAEA) as a reactor 300 Mwe - and advances in fourth-generation nuclear technology create new opportunities to advance material solutions for essential equipment such as tubing.

Technology leader

Alleima has supplied critical components to the nuclear sector since the late 1960s and has manufactured well over 60,000,000 meters of nuclear fuel tubing for more than 100 reactors worldwide.

The high-risk nature of nuclear energy production demands exacting and rigid industry standards, which are supported by our high-quality manufacturing programs. Our dedicated nuclear product mills in Sandviken, Sweden, supported by our own melt facility, produce the absolute best steam generator tubing, zirconium-cladding tubes, and other nuclear tube and pipe products for various applications including coolant distribution and heat exchanger systems.

Forging our successful history in nuclear energy, and our world-renowned R&D capabilities, with lead time reliability and total supply chain control empowers us to support the industry in fulfilling its potential for the energy transition.

At the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris last November, we met many existing and potential customers and showcased our full nuclear product portfolio, including Sanicro® 69 and Sanicro® 30 austenitic high nickel-chrome-iron alloys used for steam generator tubing, and our zirconium-based alloys.

Anders Frelin, Sales and Marketing Manager at Alleima, said “we’ve supported every WNE event to date, and the exhibition continued previous trends of high attendance and lots of energy. Speaking to many people at WNE confirmed our view of the very strong momentum in support of nuclear energy.”

Sustainability driver

Supporting nuclear fits well with our company sustainability goals, which focus on our production methods, and the efficiency, sustainability, and safety benefits of our products. Up to 83% of our materials are composed of recyclable materials, and we are working towards hitting the 90% mark. Our emphasis on recycled content is important for customers seeking suppliers committed to sustainability and circularity, allowing them to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Assisting nuclear energy’s contribution to a cleaner world is very important to us.

Progressive partner

As the nuclear industry evolves and expands, Alleima will continue to be a progressive partner. When we advance materials, industries benefit. When industries advance, products benefit. And when products advance, the customers benefit. Because we’re always advancing we’re always looking ahead. That’s how our customers can always rely on us to move them forward.

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