In 1998, tubing made from super duplex stainless steel SAF 2507™ was commissioned for one of the world’s first dynamic umbilicals in the harsh Norwegian Sea.

The Åsgard field is more than 300 meters below water. So the umbilical’s tubes had to be super reliable and long-lasting. Seventeen years later, the incident-free tubing was replaced during a routine inspection, repair, and maintenance. Tests showed the tubes made from SAF™ 2507 were as good as the day they were made.

The Background

The Åsgard oil and gas field is 200 km off Norway in the Norwegian Sea. Conditions can be rough, so our customer needed hydraulic tubing and service lines that could withstand corrosion, high pressure, and wear and tear. A thermoplastic hose was ruled out by the client because it just wasn’t strong enough. It became clear they needed a sturdy and ultra-reliable ‘fail-safe’ solution. Metallurgists at Alleima recommended SAF™ 2507.

The Alleima Solution

With excellent resistance to seawater and marine environments, SAF™ 2507 combines high corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Making it well-suited for tubes likely to experience high stress and aggressive chloride-rich conditions. Adding to its list of benefits are excellent anti-corrosion, erosion, fatigue, and mechanical properties. Meaning it was the perfect choice for the dynamic umbilical tubing.

For 17 years the umbilical tube was performing without problems. Then it was replaced as part of routine inspection, repair, and maintenance. After so long, we were curious to know what the tubes were like, so they were returned to Alleima for integrity testing.

The result

Tubing samples were taken from different points on the umbilical and a thorough range of tests was conducted. We also compared the condition of the old tubes with brand new SAF™ 2507 tubes.

Despite being put through the toughest tests, we’re proud to report no signs of corrosion, weakness, or fatigue were found. They were in excellent condition and still looked great.

In fact, they were so good we’re confident they could have lasted another 17 years.

SAF™ 2507 is a well-established and risk-free solution. Available for all umbilical functions, including control and chemical injection tubing.

Our materials make the difference.

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