Nickel alloy and Stainless steel solid round bar

Solid bar and hollow bar

The standard range of solid round bar includes several grades of nickel alloys and stainless steel. Other grades can be offered on request. Diameter range from 20 to 450 mm (0.787 to 17.7 in.). Delivered in random or cut to fixed lengths.

Nickel alloy and Stainless steel solid round bar


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Extend your possibilities

Extend your possibilities

See why demanding Alleima customers are welcoming the arrival of new Sanicro® 825 (Alloy 825) bar and hollow bar – a smart, cost-efficient alternative to more costly nickel alloys.

Solid bar grades

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Alleima product Specifications Diameter range
Grade Main UNS EN mm
Sanicro 625 ASTM B-446 (Gr.1) N06625 2.4856 25-230
Sanicro 825 ASTM B-425 N08825 2.4858 20-250
Sanicro 28 EN 10088-3 N08028 1.4563 Enquiry
Sanmac 2205+ ASTM A-479 S31803/S32205 1.4462 20-260
Sanmac 2205 ASTM A-479 S31803/S32205 1.4462 >260-450
SAF 2507+ ASTM A-479 S32750 1.4410 20-200
SAF 2507 ASTM A-479 S32750 1.4410 >200-250
SAF 32760+ ASTM A-479 S32760 1.4501 12.5-180
Sanmac 329 EN 10088-3 S32900 1.4460 20-210
Sanmac 316L ASTM A-479 S31600/S31603 1.4401/1.4404 20-450
Sanmac 2205+, SAF 2507+, SAF 32760+ fulfill:
ISO 17781
IOGP S-563

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