Datasheet updated

2024-01-11 10:32
(supersedes all previous editions)

Poly180B is a modern generation, high-performance class 180 polyurethane that meets and exceeds the requirements of NEMA MW 79 and MW 80. Poly180B also meets the requirements of JIS C 3003 for pinhole resistance.

Poly180B combines the thermal properties of a class 180°C (355°F) insulation, while offering low temperature solderability at 390°C (735°F) (24 AWG and finer).

Primary benefit of Poly180B is its ease of soldering versus the Kanthal Tri-2-Sod solderable polyester coating (2 seconds at 380°C (716°F) versus 5 seconds at 455°C (851°F)). It can be readily used on copper, aluminium and copper clad aluminium wires as a basecoat for the commonly applied thermoplastic bond coats. It is a cost effective insulation to be applied to wires which are used in the manufacture of precision coils, as it provides end user manufacturing in handling and solderability.

Typical applications are automotive relays, ignition coils, transformers and solenoids, precision wound Hard Disk Drive actuator coils, speaker voice coils.

Disclaimer: Recommendations are for guidance only, and the suitability of a material for a specific application can be confirmed only when we know the actual service conditions. Continuous development may necessitate changes in technical data without notice. This datasheet is only valid for Alleima materials.