Flare tips

Gas flares, or flare stacks as they are also known, are gas combustion devices used in industrial plants.

If your industry needs to flare off excess gas to reduce over-pressure, we offer a wide range of tube and pipe suitable for elevated vertical or ground-level flares.

  • Gas flares are commonly used in:
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Chemical plants
  • LNG facilities
  • Offshore operations
  • Downstream refineries

Our corrosion-resistant tubing will help you to increase the lifetime of the flare and reduce unscheduled maintenance.

Steel grades commonly used for gas flares

Alleima grade UNS ASTM EN number
Alleima® 253 MA S30815 - 1.4835
Alleima® 7RE10 S31008, S31009 TP310S, TP310H 1.4845