Per-Åke Björnstedt

Per-Åke Björnstedt holds a Master of Science degree in materials and an International welding engineer degree from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

He started his career in 1997 at Avesta Sheffield (today Outokumpu) as a corrosion research engineer, followed by a position as Technical manager for welding production of DSS suction roll shells within the same company.

In 2004 he left Outokumpu and began working as project engineer in Stockholm. The work involved complex material/welding issues within the field of power boilers and flue gas cleaning. Between 2010 and 2015 he worked with welding related topics as a consultant, traveling worldwide inspecting power boilers and recovery boilers in the pulp and paper industry.

Year 2015 he took up a position at Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) as a welding application specialist. In February 2018, ESAB AB acquired the Sandvik Wire Welding part of SMT, and since 2019 Per-Åke works as a Global Product Manager for SS & Ni alloys within ESAB AB.