The hybrid workplace is today a prerequisite for a well-functioning and modern organization. In fact, Alleima has taken digitization one step further by using the cloud to drive the computers within the company.

Alleima has around 5,900 employees and many consultants working on a variety of projects. As a leading player in its industry, they are constantly working to develop both its products and processes to become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

When Microsoft launched the cloud-based computer Windows 365 last year, Alleima was quick to see the potential in the technology. Windows 365 is a cloud-based solution that allows users to stream their Windows account with associated apps and files from any device, anytime, and anywhere in the world, securely.

"We at Alleima believe in the possibilities of digitization, and for us, it is important to dare to use new and user-friendly solutions that can contribute to optimizing our processes in a sustainable way. With Windows 365, an employee is not bound to a specific computer and if the computer were to break down, the employee can access their account, for example through a web browser on a borrowed computer, without losing too much time," says Niklas Hammarberg, Head of End User Services at Alleima.

Often, consultants have access to their own computers. This means that the company only needs to share a link from the first day of work so that the consultants can stream down their Windows 365 desktop connected to their project at Alleima directly from their own computer.

"This means that the consultant can get started with their work right away and we minimize the time it takes to prepare the practical IT aspects of their role. Since we do not need to purchase devices, we also reduce the amount of hardware and any follow-up of these - this is a good example of how sustainability is included in all aspects of our business," continues Niklas Hammarberg.

"We need to use digitization and new technology to be able to transition to a more sustainable society. Therefore, it is incredibly inspiring to see how Alleima dares to break new ground and think innovatively when it comes to combining the power and sustainability of the cloud with a solution that also ensures a good hybrid setup that fits their workforce," says Nina Rapp, business area manager for Modern Work at Microsoft Sweden.

Increased security thanks to the cloud

In addition to the sustainability aspects of using Windows 365, there are also significant security benefits to using the cloud-based computer. For example, consultants no longer need to take responsibility for multiple devices and can instead focus on their work. Additionally, the cloud provides increased security as the company's data is stored in a centralized and secure location.

Overall, the use of cloud-based computers ensures their strategy for hybrid work, while also contributing to sustainability and security in the workplace.