September 8, fun technical experiments and creativity were in focus when Alleima, Sandvik, and Rapatac reinaugurated their joint Innovation Lab at the activity center for children and youth in Sandviken.

The lab features everything from chemistry, mechanics, and electronics labs to activities in programming that blend practical experience with theory. The aim is to spark interest in these subjects among young people and drive local societal and industrial development.


Rapatac in Sandviken, founded in September 2019, has had Alleima as a dedicated main partner since its inception, originally as a part of Sandvik. The reinauguration last Friday marked a continued joint effort by both Alleima and Sandvik. The goal is to encourage interest in learning, technology, and natural sciences among children and youth. Around 100 children and young people were engaged in the opening event, featuring experiments ranging from chemistry and robot programming to electronics and 3D-printing.

Since its inception, Rapatac in Sandviken has been committed to creating an inclusive environment aimed at helping children meet academic standards while also enjoying a stimulating and inspiring free time throughout their upbringing. Rapatac aims to offer all participating children and young people joyful learning experiences where each individual can develop to reach their full potential. Today, Rapatac has 1,300 registered children, with 500 actively participating. Each day, between 70 and 100 children engage in various activities at the center.


"For us, being the largest private employer in Sandviken, it's crucial to support this initiative that wants to stimulate an interest in natural sciences and technology from an early age. Many tech-intensive companies struggle to find the right skills. Therefore, it's important to inspire children and young people to pursue education in areas that are in demand in the industry. This can potentially lead to future jobs. With Rapatac's activities, children have the chance to engage with technology and natural sciences at their level," says Tom Eriksson, EVP and Head of Strategic Research at Alleima.

Evelyn Salinas, Operations Manager at Rapatac, continues: "We want to show children and youth that there are opportunities and hope for the future. This work would not have been possible if we hadn't had good collaborations like the one we have with Alleima and Sandvik. It is crucial that we work together with the business community to promote young people's expertise in technology and natural sciences. We aim to offer all children and youth, regardless of background, the opportunity for meaningful free time and support in educational achievement."

More about Rapatac

Rapatac’s activity center in Sandviken provides homework assistance, educational support, and activities such as media, music and film production, photography, culture, dance, art, social activities, sports, outdoor activities and, most importantly, within technology, chemistry, mechanics, and electronics. By offering academic support and stimulating extracurricular activities, Rapatac gives children and young people a supportive environment for a safe and meaningful upbringing.