Alleima has been nominated by Magnet Awards in two categories for our work with Employer Branding. Magnet Awards is a non-profit knowledge arena that annually organizes Championships in Employer Branding. The two categories we are competing in are Grand Prix and Open Class.


“We are very proud to be nominated. Becoming a stand-alone company gave us the unique opportunity to connect our strategy, branding and communication in a coherent, engaging, and logical way”, says Elja Nordlöf, Executive Vice President and Head of Communications at Alleima.


Elja continues, “Finding and implementing a new name and brand of this scale is a massive undertaking. The challenge was to get everyone on board and use the new brand as a positive catalyst for change, bringing the sense of pride that our employees have for the company into the new brand.

Employee engagement

Many employees at Alleima were involved in developing the new brand, driven by a project team including representatives from all divisions. In addition, a wider brand reference team consisting of approximately 30 employees from different divisions, markets and functions, was used for continuous input in the process. The brand development was a collaboration with Kurppa Hosk, who has been supporting our brand journey throughout the entire process. They also supported the development of a clear Employer Value Proposition (EVP), that guides our communication towards current and potential employees.

“To develop the EVP has been a great co-creation with
Kurppa Hosk.UlrikaDunker_headshot.jpg Strategically this has been important to create a common thread from the brand platform into our communication towards current and potential employees," says Ulrika Dunker, Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources at Alleima.

Ulrika adds "This work involved many stakeholders in the organization and structured input from a global Alleima team, with representatives from all divisions, headed by Hanna Meuser, Global Employer Branding Manager,”

To launch the new name and brand internally, several global digital live events were organized to gather all ~5900 employees in an interactive way, and receive their input and reactions. On the day of the global brand launch on August 31, global cake celebrations were organized around the world with Alleima-branded cakes and branded welcome kits to all employees, and competition for best brand engagement activities started.

To launch our new brand globally, we developed the key market campaign The Unbreakable Contract” in collaboration with the creative agency Animal. It aired in 2022 as Alleima was separated from Sandvik and listed as a new brand on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

“Through continuous communication about the process and by
involving our
Åsa_klipp.jpgglobal organization throughout the project, a lot of energy and pride was released. I am very pleased with how our new brand Alleima captures our longhistory, the competence of our people and the bright future we are heading towards. Even though it has been a major change for everyone, it has been fantastic to see how our employees have embraced our new brand,” says Åsa Brolin, Brand Manager at Alleima.

Competing in two categories

The categories Alleima is competing in are Grand Prix and Open class. Grand Prix is the championship title awarded for the most consistent and coherent Employer Branding work of the year.

In the Grand Prix category, the jury will focus on how we worked on Employer Branding over time, with a clear common thread to clarify culture and bring the employer brand to life. It has to be a cohesive effort that must have proven itself through measurability and results.

The category Open class highlights and honors entries that haven't yet had time to show measurable results. The entries are 100% assessed for creative height, innovative thinking, and challenging solution.

The prize ceremony is in Stockholm on 15 March, and physical boxes with "The Unbreakable Contract" can be seen in the Alleima headquarters in Sandviken.