Syngas is a crucial intermediate resource for the production of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and synthetic hydrocarbon fuels (synthetic natural gas). The gas consists mainly of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and usually a little carbon dioxide. As a fuel, syngas has less than half the energy density of natural gas.

Pigtails for steam reformers

Servicing or replacing corroded pigtails can create additional costs due to downtime and unscheduled maintenance. This often occurs when tubing is subject to fluctuations in creep strength due to carburization or HT corrosion.

We are an experienced supplier of tubes for pigtails, mainly for reformers used for the production of fertilizers and chemicals. To combat corrosion issues
and mechanical stress in the inlet and outlet, we often recommend Sanicro® 31HT due to its superior corrosion properties and high creep rupture strength.

Syngas coolers

Syngas cooler.jpgOne of the most critical parts of an IGCC (Integrated gasification combined cycle) plant is the convective syngas cooler where the syngas is cooled in order to produce high-pressure saturated steam for power generation.

Corrosive syngas is present inside the tubes and the water/steam is on the outside. To combat both challenges a composite tube can be used, consisting of Alleima HT5/Sanicro® 30 (ASTM/ASME T12/UNS N08800).

In the case of a radiant syngas cooler design, with syngas on the outside of the tube and water/steam on the inside, single-component austenitic stainless steel tubes in Sanicro® 30 (UNS N08800, EN 1.4558) or Sanicro® 28 (UNS N08028, EN 1.4563) are suitable.