Barinder Ghai
Director Technical Marketing
and New Business Development
EMEA, Alleima

Wilson Lim
Regional Sales Director
SEAsia & AU/NZ, Alleima

In September 2023, Gastech, the world’s largest exhibition and conference for natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low carbon solutions, and climate technologies, was held in Singapore.

By: Barinder Ghai, Director Technical Marketing and New Business Development EMEA, Alleima, & Wilson Lim, Regional Sales Director (SEAsia & AU/NZ), Alleima

The choice of location for this event, which rotates globally each year, was very timely, given Singapore’s position as the world’s top shipping center1 and its growth in the energy industry2. Moreover, Singapore is also the gateway to the rest of the region, especially for our SEAsia & AU/NZ team, based in Singapore.

Singapore is spearheading clean energy innovation by integrating ammonia into its bunkering and power generation strategies, aligning with its target of meeting 50% of its energy needs with hydrogen by 2050. In October, the Minister for Trade and Industry Gan, Kim Yong, revealed ammonia’s direct application as fuel for power generation and maritime shipping, leveraging an established international supply chain and transport technology.

The project aims to develop an end-to-end ammonia solution, generating 55 to 65 megawatts of electricity from imported low-carbon or zero-carbon ammonia. Notably, 26 proposals for power generation and bunkering facilities, using fuel with low or no carbon, have already been shared by local and foreign companies. Singapore is also exploring other low-carbon energy sources, including nuclear power and geothermal heat.

Opportunities to transition to renewables

As one of the world's oldest and most important industries, the maritime sector accounts for over 80% of all international commerce, and contributes to about 2.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions3. To meet the ambitious targets set forth in The Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C, a dramatic shift is essential. Achieving these targets necessitates a shift from traditional reliance on oil-based fuels to cleaner alternatives, such as hydrogen and ammonia.

As such, Alleima’s decision to exhibit at Gastech this year was driven by the shift towards renewable energy sources, specifically blue and green ammonia, and hydrogen. Unlike previous years, where the focus primarily revolved around LNG vaporizers, this year’s trend towards cleaner alternatives signifies a pivotal moment for the marine and aerospace sectors.

Over the past two years, our substantial progress in transitioning to renewables across all regions and applications is aligned with our sustainability goals, which include reducing Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by over 50% and incorporating 83% recycled steel into finished products by 2030.

Our commitment to innovation through R&D

At Alleima, we continuously conduct research to expand our offerings in various applications, including hydrogen and ammonia. We consistently allocate a substantial 6% of our resources to fuel our ongoing research efforts. This investment ensures that we remain at the forefront of materials science and that our products and services are always able to meet the most challenging situations.

Take, for instance, Sanicro® 35, an alloy combining the best features of a super austenitic stainless steel and a nickel alloy. It took years of testing and full production using recycled steel and melting done in a furnace powered by 100% fossil-free electricity to develop. It is designed for extremely corrosive environments, including acidic environments and seawater applications, and can significantly extend the lifespan of tubing applications in maritime and oil & gas industries. Its super-austenitic microstructure provides remarkable impact toughness in cryogenic conditions, superior pitting corrosion resistance in chloride-rich environments, and enhances crevice corrosion resistance in seawater, surpassing some common nickel alloys.

Supporting our customers and the sustainability agenda

Our commitment to innovation also extends through active collaboration with our customers. This involves us understanding their corrosion challenges and customizing our solutions to meet their unique challenges, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Sustainability is present in all aspects of our operations and is an integral part of our commercial strategy. By utilizing more than 80% recycled steel in our production processes and embracing advanced technology, we ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality but also contribute positively to the circular economy.

Looking ahead, our customers can anticipate a continuous stream of innovations from Alleima. We are dedicated to expanding our product range, offering cutting-edge material tubular solutions meticulously designed for various renewable applications and addressing the critical challenge of corrosion. We are not just supporting Singapore’s transition to renewables; we are shaping the global landscape for a more sustainable tomorrow.