At Alleima, we understand that the ability to embrace and thrive on change is a key determinant of business success. This is especially true in the transition towards more sustainable low-cost industrial production. But getting there isn’t about merely making smart decisions now and then; it’s about making the best decisions all the time from the very beginning.

For heat exchangers, the secret to cost savings lies in a smart blend of the right material selection, together with the expertise of good fabricators.

Our recent Heat Exchanger Technical Day in Milan bore witness to the power of such smart decisions. Around 70 guests from our network of customers and distributors – including a diverse mix of sales representatives, purchasing managers, technicians, corrosion specialists, quality assurance professionals, and engineers, joined us at our Alleima site, bolstered by the support of respected welding expert Polysoude SAS.


Through our event, we explored critical topics such as materials selection for heat exchanger tubes, including our new alloy, Sanicro® 35, designed to withstand the most demanding corrosive environments.

The welcome and introduction were given by Paola Pedani (Sales Manager Application Products Italy, Adriatic & Turkey), with by a presentation from Jane Eriksson (Director Sales & Marketing Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa) on the Alleima group, the new journey Alleima has started, and how we can advance together in future. This was followed by technical presentations from Bernardo Siza-Vieira (Technical Marketing, BU Southwest Europe), and Johan Salwén (Technical Marketing Specialist). Both brought unique insights and were particular highlights. Bernardo’s enlightening presentation was on Green Technology and Sanicro® 35 (UNS N08935), while Johan’s presentation focused on collaboration with Polysoude SAS on the welding of Sanicro 35.

There were plenty of questions from the floor on topics such as the best methods for welding SanicroÒ 35, and thought-provoking discussions about how we move our customers forward.

The day offered an excellent opportunity to have so many customers and the Alleima team, including our management, converge, discuss, and fully explore how our materials make the difference.

The presentations were insightful and resonated deeply with our audience, with numerous attendees expressing their appreciation for a technically enlightening and inspiration-packed day.

Special appreciation is due to Hans Boudewijn (Managing Director Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey) who believed in the Italian team’s idea for the Heat Exchanger Technical Day and strongly supported the realization of this event. Special thanks also to everyone in the Italian team for their excellent execution of the day, in particular to Paola

Pedani and Emanuele Pizzi and all presenters who highlighted Alleima as the perfect partner, with whom advance together.

You can find out more about how we’re advancing heat exchanger tubing here.

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