The project “New Ni grade capabilities” is awarded the newly established Alleima Innovation Prize 2023 for its outstanding development work related to the production of high nickel-based alloys. The project has made possible a major leap in the Alleima production capabilities for remelted high nickel-based alloys through dedicated efforts, teamwork, and metallurgical expertise.

“This year's winners are excellent ambassadors for the Alleima core value "We Evolve" in their commitment to challenge old truths and continuously explore new opportunities to drive and advance innovation”, says Göran Björkman, President and CEO of Alleima.

Project members from left to right consisting of Ulf Edling, Senior Procurement Manager – Special Metallurgy & Alloys, Bertil Walden, Principal Engineer and Technical Project Manager and Daniel Sjöholm, Process & Technology Manager, Steel Plant, Primary Products.

In order to enable cost-competitive production of high nickel-based alloys ensuring high demands for chemistry control and purity, it was necessary to overcome limitations within the current production.

During the project, innovative concepts, such as a special measuring technique and new mold dimensions for electrode ingots, were developed and implemented to expand our vacuum arc remelting (VAR*) capabilities, enable cost-efficient production, and meet stringent requirements for chemistry control and high purity.

“The project has developed a new manufacturing process for producing high nickel-based alloys. This opens new market opportunities within segments such as Aerospace, Nuclear, Hydrogen, and Renewables, in addition to Oil & Gas”, says Tom Eriksson, EVP and Head of Strategic Innovation.

Following the project, several alloys have been introduced, examples are Sanicro 625, Sanicro 925 and Sanicro 718.

“We are very honored to receive the Alleima Innovation Prize award. The project outcome has given us a fantastic opportunity to break into new markets and new applications”, says Bertil Walden, Principal Engineer and Technical Project Manager at Alleima.

“The first commercial orders have already been secured and there are many opportunities ahead”, ends Göran Björkman.

The winners of the Alleima Innovation Prize were announced at the Annual General Meeting of Alleima on May 2, 2023.

About the Alleima Innovation Prize

To continue our strong tradition of recognizing important and innovative contributions to the company, and to encourage and reward innovative achievements in product and process development, the Alleima Innovation Prize has been established.

The Alleima Innovation Prize is a prize awarded to employees who have developed the most innovative product or process in recent years.

The prize consists of a diploma, a steel award, and a lump sum of 0.5 pbb (the Swedish prisbasbelopp, pbb), per person. In addition, a monument with a commemorative plaque for each year’s winner will be placed at the headquarters of Alleima in Sweden.