Industry-leading sustainability and circularity

Sustainability is present in all aspects of our operations and is an integral part of our commercial strategy. The main contribution to sustainability is through our product offering, enabling the transition to renewable energy sources, electrification of industries, innovation in the medical sector and much more. We also actively seek to minimize the impact on the environment via our operations.

Advancing the shift to sustainability

Our customers are as varied as the industries in which they operate. And we serve each one as sustainably as possible. By using our expertise as a force for sustainable good, we work together with clients to make innovative changes that help raise productivity and competitiveness and, importantly, and minimize environmental impact.

We are a sustainability frontrunner already today, with ambitious goals for the future.

Our sustainable operations

Through our operations, we actively seek to reduce and eliminate harm to people and the environment. Thinking and acting sustainably isn’t a box to tick; it’s simply the right thing to do.

Using over 80% recycled material and more than 94% fossil-free electricity in of our sites. Reducing water usage. Careful chemical management. Effective use of by-products such as slag, dust and process gases.

By taking recycled steel and adding key alloying materials, steel gets a brand new life at Alleima, ready to create industry-standard products. Compared to traditional ore-based steel making, recycled steel-based production is substantially more energy-efficient.

Our fully integrated value chain, from R&D and primary melting to end-product, allows us to provide industry-leading technology, quality, sustainability, and circularity.

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Our sustainable offering

Raised productivity. More efficient energy production. Renewable technologies. Reduced environmental impact. Lighter materials. By advancing technologies, our products and materials are tackling the challenges of the future.

With our high-integrity grades and products, we are also able to both lead and facilitate the development of less mature but essential applications such as concentrated solar power, carbon capture and storage, and geothermal energy.

Discover more in the below examples.

Sanicro® material is used to develop the first industrial reactor for supercritical water gasification, a new technology to convert organic waste streams into carbon neutral, or even carbon negative, energy carriers.

Transportable on-site solution for tubing when building hydrogen refueling stations, enabling the shift towards renewable technologies and required infrastructure.

Developing the first electric gas heater for hydrogen, a key solution for fossil-free sponge iron, scaling with Hybrit's ambitions of heating hydrogen to more than 1,000 degrees.

A CO2 -tracker on our Kanthal website shows continuous updates on how we are lowering CO2 emissions by electrifying industrial processes. The tracker shows the saved emissions from 34 installations at our customers.

Our compressor steel enables smaller and more efficient compressors. Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners – and many other devices are depending on a compressor. Compressor energy efficiency has an enormous effect on the world’s total CO2 emissions.

Unique and full-scale production for coated strip steel which is ready to be pressed into plates eliminating the costly need of coating of individual plates in the manufacturing of fuel cells.

Our medical precision wire (Exera™) enhances quality of life for many people. Typical applications are continuous glucose monitoring for diabetes care, cochlear implants, deep brain stimulation, pacemaker leads.

We have a wide range of products, enabling renewable technology. Our Fibrothal® diffusion cassettes for instance are a solution to produce high‐quality crystalline silicon wafers for solar cells and semiconductors.