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Related products

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Strip develops and manufactures a wide range of precision strip steel products. Through the business unit Surface Technology, the division also offers pre-coated strip steel for one of the most critical components in the hydrogen fuel cell stack – the bipolar plates.

The precision strip steel products are used primarily to the Consumer, Medical, Industrial and Transportation customer segments, such as knife-, razor- and doctor blade steel and compressor valve steel.

The product offering also includes coated strip steel used for example for fuel cell technology for cars and trucks, and for hydrogen production.

The largest geographical market is Europe, representing approximately 47 percent of Strip’s revenues in 2021, followed by Asia (43 percent), North America (eight percent), and other markets (two percent).

Revenues: 1,628 MSEK
Adj. EBIT 12.7 %
No. of employees: 519
Division President Claes Åkerblom

(figures refer to 2022)

Strip’s key competitors include the precision strip divisions of Hitachi Metals, Voestalpine, Jindal Steel and Power, and Zapp.

Key financials

Revenue recognized at location of buying customer and not end-user.