Sanbar 61 is a high strength silicon steel with good toughness and impact resistance in the as-rolled condition.


Sanbar 61 is used for tapered rods, pilot rods and integral drill steels.

Mechanical properties

Typical values, as-delivered condition
Proof strength Rp0.2
MPa (ksi)
Tensile strength Rm
Mpa (ksi)
820 (119) 1350 (196) 38-44 HRC


The maximum permissible decarburization depth is 0.30 mm (0.012 in.) on the outer surface and 0.10 mm (0.004 in.) on the inner surface.


Machining may require prior annealing.


Induction heating to 1000–1100°C (1830– 2010°F), 10–20 seconds, cooling in air. Forging range 1100–850°C (2010–560°F).
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Heat treatment

Annealing (induction heating) 730–780°C (1350–1440°F), cooling in air.
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Normalizing (induction heating)

1000–1050°C (1830–1920°F), cooling in air. Shank end hardening (case hardening). Read more about shank end hardening of Sanbar 61

Hardening: Induction heating to 900–1000°C (1650–1830°F), 2–5 seconds.
Quenching in water or oil.


Recommended surface hardness 55–60 HRC, temperature appr. 150–250°C (300–480°F).