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2024-01-11 10:29
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Alleima® F1537 is a cobalt-chromium-molybdenum (CoCrMo) alloy, available with low and high carbon (C) content. Both alloys are characterized by high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


  • ASTM: F1537, F799
  • UNS: R31537, R31538
  • ISO: 5832-12

Chemical composition

Grade C Cr Mo Ni Fe Si Mn N Co
Alleima® F1537 (Alloy 1, UNS R31537) ≤ 0.14 26–30 5–7 ≤1 ≤0.75 ≤1 ≤1 ≤0.25 Bal
Alleima® F1537 (Alloy 2, UNS R31538) 0.15–0.35 26–30 5–7 ≤1 ≤0.75 ≤1 ≤1 ≤0.25 Bal


CoCrMo alloys are used by customers for joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder) and fixation devices.

Forms of supply

Finishes and dimensions

Alleima® F1537 bar is offered in a comprehensive range of standard sizes from 10-80 mm diameter. The bar is supplied in the annealed, hot worked and warm worked conditions with a peeled or ground surface finish.


Bar is delivered in 3.0-3.5 m straight lengths. Shorter lengths are available on request.

Diameter, mm Standard tolerance, mm
10 +/- 0.05
>10–50.8 +/- 0.065
>50.8–80 +/- 0.125

Alternative tolerances are available on request.

Mechanical properties

Product form Condition Tensile strength Rm Proof strength Rp0,2 Elongation A,% Hardness HRC  
MPa min ksi min MPa min ksi min typical typical
Bar Annealed 897 130  517 75 20 25 
Bar Hot worked 1000 145 700 101 12 28
Bar Warm worked 1172 170 827 120 12 35

Physical properties

Density (20 °C) 8.25 g/cm3 0.29 lb/in3
Modulus of elasticity, x103 (20°C) 240 MPa 35 ksi
Specific heat capacity (20°C) 452 J/(kg °C) 0.11 Btu/(lb°F)
Thermal conductivity (20°C) 13W/(m°C) 7.5 Btu/(ft h °F)

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